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The business of music

The professions that are available for people who are interested in the arts are generally regarded as professions where passions dominate and where the practitioners would find the most of their satisfaction from the act itself; that of creating something g beautiful, whether in the form of a play, a song, a painting or a sculpture. That is certainly true, and people who work in the arts truly gain satisfaction from the creative process. However, the satisfaction gained from the creative process is not enough to sustain the passion for the arts, if it is not backed with financial rewards….

Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Despite the harsh economic times today, there are many people who are still finding new opportunities for making a quick buck without going through all the excruciating difficulties that are today considered the norm for making money. Today you do not have to have to be immensely skilled with all kinds of qualifications to be able to make a comfortable living. Neither do you have to subject yourself to excruciating back breaking jobs. One of the ways that you could find substitute well-paying jobs is through the internet. The internet has opened a worldwide platform where people can meet and…

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How I Discovered that I Could Work from Home

Two years ago we came into town having moved from a different state after my husband got a job promotion which necessitated him to be transferred. I was working as an office administrator in one of the food companies close to our former home and I did not hesitate to resign. I was in any case fed up with working at the crumped up office. It also pained me to leave my twin babies to a nanny every day when I went to work. I decided I would start a new chapter in my life as a fulltime mom. My…

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Starting a Business using the Least Funds

When I was a young boy, it was always puzzling and paradoxical when I had people say that to make money, one should first have money. This is generally accepted and it is a fact that the more money you have the more money you can make. The good book supports this by predicting that that the rich will get richer. Maybe these are the rules of nature, or is it economics? But I am also reminded of numerous successful businessmen who claim to have risen from nothing! Many have given fascinating accounts of how they managed to amass great…

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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Flexibility that allows one to engage in other important activities such as child care – While working from home there are no set rules to restrict you to doing only specific tasks. Therefore you can also tend to other matters as it is necessary. The freedom of choosing when to work and when not to work – When working from home, you can choose your working hours so long as at the end of the day the work is done and it is within the given timelines. The joy and freedom of being one’s own boss and not have someone…

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Paid Surveys and Online Shopping Rebates- Can it Work for You?

The idea of working from home or ‘telecommuting’ is currently gaining traction among companies that see employee satisfaction as a critical productivity driver. Thanks to new technologies and increasing demands from employees to strike a work-life balance has pushed for the popularity of work from home initiatives. In fact, there is an increasing number of companies out there that encourage work from home opportunities. According to an annual listing made by Forbes, the top three companies that accept flexible work at home arrangements are LiveOps, TeleTech and Amazon. But you don’t need to commit your time and full schedule to…

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Making Surveys Work for You At Home

Staying at home and earning extra cash may seem like an incompatible thought 5 or maybe 10 years ago, but today, these two ideas complement each other. With an increasing number of individuals looking for extra income and companies finally discovering telecommuting, now is the best time to consider money-earning activities at home. While there are a number of legitimate and creative work-at-home ventures, there are dangers as well in the form of scam jobs and business opportunities. If you are planning to maximize your time at home and earn, it’s best to know your options, and check the background…

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I Finally Decided to Quit My Full Time Job

When I graduated from university, I was very excited at finally completing my studies and I was eager to put my skills into practice in the practical world. I graduated with top honors with a degree in Computer Science and my desire was to go into software development. Having been a computer geek since when I was a small boy, I was eager to dazzle the world with my skills. I was able to get a job at one of the leading food processing companies in the country and I had my hopes soaring high since I believed this would…

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Secret to Business Success

Last weekend I attended a Multi-Level business seminar held by one of the leading Multi-Level companies in the world. I was amazed at the number of people who came to the seminar. Unlike many promotional seminars held by network marketing companies, this particular meeting was charging attendants a fee. The fee was $10 but still the hall was fully packed and some more chairs had to be sourced and squeezed into the remaining free spaces. Looking around the people who came to the conference, I could see that many of them were people who held very good jobs and most…

Petroleum Engineering: A Gold Dipped Career!

Petroleum Engineering: A Gold Dipped Career!

When you are looking to get into a career that combines science and helping people, your first thought is surely about taking a job in medicine. However, petroleum engineering also combines helping people and using various aspects of science and technology to get the job done. It presents an opportunity to allow people to enjoy things like a warm home, a vehicle to get around in and other things that they rely on each and every day. The key is to ensure that you go to a good school to get your education in this field. What Does a Petroleum…