Discovering and growing my talent in music

Discovering and growing my talent in music

Music is a passion that I have had ever since I was a young child. My parents realized my singing potential quite early. As I am told, I was always singing along to all kinds of songs and melody even before I could talk. I would especially love advertisement jingles on the television which I would be able to grasp quickly since they were often being repeated.

My mother made a point of informing my kindergarten teacher about my singing. In kindergarten teaching is usually done through song and my parents figured that if a lot of singing was used, I would be able to grasp things very easily.

While in kindergarten, just as my mother had informed her, my teacher noticed my inclination towards singing. Apart from using this avenue for teaching me, she realized that she could also develop this potential and maybe she could unearth a singing talent.

This is exactly what happened. My teacher gave me more singing responsibilities and she was surprised by my response. I would grasp the songs that were taught very fast and within a short time I was leading the other children in singing. Coincidentally, I also had a very good voice that was quite strong and was audible from a distance.

My teacher continued to sharpen my singing skills but also advised my mother to let me sing together with the choir in our church, of which the teacher was also a member of. The choir had different stages and there was a choir for younger children.

My mother started taking me to the church choir where I was so good that I made history in the church by becoming the youngest soloist to lead the main church choir.

With time, my singing continued improving and I was able to improve the mastery of my voice. I also began having interest in musical instruments. I was especially interested in playing the guitar. I liked the sound of the acoustic guitar and loved the easy motions used to strum the cords. Something else that really appealed to me was the great combination that singers made when they sang while playing the guitar. I wanted to produce the same combination.

As it is, I started training on how to play the guitar. The church had all the facilities and being a choir member I had unlimited access. I could come to the church and train as much as I wanted. There were many people in the church who could play the guitar and I never lacked someone who could show me how to hold the different frets. Once I captured the basics, I was able to do most of the training by myself with the help of some guidebooks which were available in the church library.

With time I became very good and started performing solo songs using the acoustic guitar. My performances were electrifying. The other choir members were impressed and encouraged me to learn playing the electric guitar but I found them too complicated with their extra gadgets such as amplifiers. I liked the natural sound of the acoustic guitar better.

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