Just me, my guitar and my amp. My musical journey to superstardom

Just me, my guitar and my amp. My musical journey to superstardom

Musicians, especially those who play musical instruments are usually very adventurous people. The very aspect of learning how to play a musical instrument is an adventurous journey that usually starts with one not knowing how the end will turn out to be.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a journey that many people begin and do not get anywhere. Others go far in their journey. For those who have a true passion for playing musical instruments, theirs is usually a lifetime journey.

Learning to play a musical instrument is an endeavor that does not have a definite end. This is because one is always learning new skills. One is also always finding someone else who knows how to do somethings better than you and so one always has new heights to climb. Apart from there being new heights to conquer, playing a musical instrument is a skill like any other and if one does not continuously practice it, one will get rusty. As such, one has to keep playing.

I started my musical journey while I was a young kid. Fate chose that my journey would be with the guitar. Fortunately, fate chose well for I had exceeding talent in the guitar.

I say fate chose my path to be with the guitar because I was born into a family that was already passionate about playing the guitar. My father was an old country music singer that had made quite a name for himself during his heydays. This was before he had decided to settle and raise his family that consisted of four sons and two daughters. Managing the family was no easy task as he had to make us a living from our small farm. Thankfully, he had mum on his side.

I am the last son in the family. My elder brothers were all playing the guitar by the time I learnt to talk and walk. As it was, I also had to learn.

Being a team helped us learn the guitar and become very good. This was mostly due to our sibling rivalry. We often strived to outdo each other. Many times our father would be the judge of who the better player was. Through a lot of wisdom and cunning, our father ensured that we all developed into pretty good guitarists.

My journey however went further than that of my brothers thanks to the invention of the electric guitar.

When the electric guitar came around, I was the first one to embrace it in the family and I took to it like a duck takes to water.

Since I was already quite good with the acoustic guitar, it was easy to learn playing the electric guitar. Being among the first people to learn playing it, I was soon travelling across the country with my guitar playing for gigs that were paying quite good money.

After some time I was able to buy me a guitar amplifier that gave me a huge advantage since it allowed me to play for larger audiences. With my guitar and my amp, I travelled the country with nothing to stop my rise to super stardom.

Just me, my guitar and my amp. My musical journey to superstardom Credit Picture License: Giblson Les Paul via photopin cc