The advantages and disadvantages of living in a small apartment


Today small apartments are becoming more and more popular. People seem to be moving from the desire of having huge roomy houses and they seem to be content with living in small confined spaces. There are many factors that are leading to this changes; chief of this is the cost factor.

Today real estate is at an all-time high in terms of cost. Renting or buying a house today is very expensive. This is as a direct result of the great population explosion that has been caused by advancement in knowledge and hence more food and better health care. With more people, there is a need for more houses, however this does not always happen and there always seems to be a lag in the building of more houses.

Due to a consequent high demand for the few houses, the home owners are driven to increasing the costs of the available units. It is also not always possible to build more houses since there is also a scarcity of land that can be used for real estate development. This is especially the case in urban areas where most of the human population in the world is centered.

Since there is limited land for building new apartments and more and more people need houses, the solution is often to have smaller houses and so more people can be housed in the same area. The smaller houses usually end up having much lower rates than the huge apartments and this makes them more popular than the huge apartments.

People are willing to live in smaller spaces with lower costs due to the overall increase in the cost of life. People have to find ways of minimizing expenditure and anything that promises to help them save some money is always welcome.

Smaller apartments are popular since many people in the urban areas live in solitary. These are young people who are just starting out in life or young people who are still studying. These individuals do not need large apartments and a small apartment will be sufficient enough for their needs. Small apartments are also convenient for couples without children.

A small apartment is also cost effective since one does not need to buy many things to occupy the house. Often a few items will be enough to fill the house. For those who might need to have more items in the house, they can instead invest in items that help economize on space utilization. For example, instead of buying a bed and a couch which will both occupy a lot of space, one can buy a small futon which will double as a bed and as a couch.

Apart from the constraining space, small apartments can also have other disadvantages. For example, small apartments that are built poorly can be very humid. A humid room can easily cause one to develop respiratory complications and humidity in the room also leads to mold and mildew. A perfect solution to a humid room is getting a whole house dehumidifier.