The evolution of types of shelter and a look at modern houses


Shelter is one of the basic needs for human beings. Human beings are not very hardy and they are not well adapted to survive out in the open. This is not only for the modern day man but even our prehistoric ancestors found the need for having protective shelters. In their time, they did not have sufficient knowledge to be able to construct proper homes and so they started with living in caves.

There are many reasons why mankind needs shelter. As stated above, we are not very well adapted to live in the open. Our bodies are not equipped to persevere harsh weather conditions. Wild animals are usually equipped with thick hides, hair, blubber, or feathers to withstand conditions such as cold. Human beings have a delicate thin skin which is not very effective in insulating against cold. Extreme heat, such as the noon sun of a hot day is also often uncomfortable and we usually take cover under the shade.

Shelters are also important for keeping us secure from things that might harm us, especially at night when we are asleep. This includes wild animals, and hostile people. The shelter is also important for keeping our belongings secure. Shelter protects our belongings for thieves or destructive people. Shelters also protect our food from wild animals.

Due to the above very crucial reasons, mankind has continually upgraded his homes or shelters to make them more safe and secure. Apart from making the homes secure, mankind has also put in a lot of effort in making the home as comfortable as possible. In the modern day, after reaching great heights in making secure homes, mankind has actively concentrated more on making the home more comfortable for him and his family. He is also concentrating on other factors such as the cost of the house.

Today there are houses such as shipping container houses that are as a result of mankind seeking other benefits in the house. These benefits include low cost dwellings and dwellings that are strategically placed for ultimate convenience. Shipping container houses are very affordable and they can be placed anywhere so long as there is some free space. As such one can immediately have a home anywhere they wish without having to factor in the time of building a new home.

In the modern day people have very unique needs and these call for unique solutions. People who need to be at a place for a very short time, such as building contractors with a project in a remote place, may find it uneconomical to build elaborate shelters. Shipping container homes provide a very good solution for such needs.

In the modern day world, as people focus more on fancy designs, size, and other luxurious amenities for their houses. There is also the aspect of safety of the houses that comes in. For example, people today are using things such as an asbestos testing kit to ensure that their houses are asbestos free. Other safety precautions that are being observed include expert structural inspection of houses to ensure that they are safe for inhabiting.