The interesting parallels in shopping for music equipment and shopping for car parts

The interesting parallels in shopping for music equipment and shopping for car parts

Choosing musical instruments to buy or to use is a sensitive activity that can be likened to shopping for a motor vehicles spare part. One has to know exactly what they want.

In shopping for motor vehicle spare parts, you need to first know what part of the vehicle you are shopping for. A common item that people will often need to replace in a motor vehicle is a broken light bulb lens. This is a common item that motorists are out in spare part stores shopping for. Despite there being many people shopping for a replacement light bulb lens, each person usually has a unique and very specific item that they are shopping for.

When shopping for a replacement light bulb lens for a car you need to first know which type of car the lens is for. Usually each car model has unique light bulb lenses with a unique design.

After knowing the model type, you also need to know if it is a head light or a tail light. Front lights are usually different in design from rear lights. You also need to know if it is the left light or the right light. These are also quite different.

As you can imagine, if you went to the store without all these details, you will not be able to get the right kind of light bulb lens for your car.

Identifying the replacement light bulb lens is not all that is necessary when shopping. While shopping you will realize that there are still different kinds of light bulb lenses with the exact same design. The difference usually lies in their quality and the manufacture.

These different types of the same item will usually have different prices. It is important to remember not to rush and buy the cheapest option, cheap is often expensive.

Shopping for musical instruments has similar challenges. For many people, it is even tougher shopping for musical appliances or musical instruments since many do not have a clue about the different types of musical items and their applications. Many people only know about the common musical instruments such as keyboards and they may know of popular brand names such as Yamaha. Otherwise if you mention other brands or more specific designs of Yamaha keyboards, many people will be clueless.

Just as in vehicle car parts, different musical instruments are used for different purposes. The keyboard is used to produce a different sound from the guitar, drum, flute, violin, trumpet, etc. Within similar types of musical instruments, there are also instruments used for producing specific sounds such as, in the guitar group, there are acoustic guitars which are different from electric guitars and there are bass guitars which are different from the rhythm guitars.

Music appliances such as amplifiers, synthesizers, tuners, equalizers and mixers are also different. For example there are amplifiers that are specifically built for electric guitars. Within guitar amplifiers there are also different types i.e. the tube amplifiers and the fixed state amplifiers. Experienced musicians will tell you that there is a difference in each type of guitar amplifier especially in the quality of sound produced.

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