The slow evolution of music through ancient times and sudden boom in modern times

The slow evolution of music through ancient times and sudden boom in modern times

Music today is much more complicated than what it was in ancient times. Music has had quite a journey in developing to what it is today. In the ancient times, music was simple. It consisted of singing, or making melodious sound using the human voice, and the use of crude musical instruments.

The drums and other percussion instruments could have been the first musical instruments to be invented by man. This could have been closely followed by wind instruments which could have been developed after man realized that he could make melodious sounds by whistling.

As time passed, man, thanks to his ingenious nature, continued to advance music. His singing became better and he realized that two or more people could come together and use their voice to produce harmonious song. Man also continually advanced the musical instruments that he had while also inventing new musical instruments.

History shows us that music was a vital part of the cultures of ancient communities. The biblical story of David shows how his playing of the harp was used to sooth the great king of his demons. This can be compared to our present day musical therapy. We also see instruments being used in major occasions such as during war, during celebrations and other important festivals. Singing was advanced and we can read of great music operas that were existent many years ago.

Music has however taken tremendous leaps in its advancements in recent times. This is hugely thanks to the technological advancements of man in several areas. In recent times, man has come up with crucial technologies that have radically changed the way things are done. For example, the invention of electricity has had a major impact on the life of man.

When electricity was invented, people embraced it whole heartedly as an energy source that could be used in many aspects of life. The world of music was not left behind.

Different ways of applying electric power to enhance music were invented. A major way that music adopted the use of electricity was in amplification. People realized that the sound produced by the natural voice could be amplified many more times. This brought about the introduction of microphones and sound amplifiers.

Apart from microphones and amplifiers, people also started making musical instruments that were powered by electricity. Instruments that used electricity were found to be more versatile, dependable, and more manageable. For example, the great pipe organ or the grand piano could be replaced by the small versatile keyboard that could be used to provide multiple sounds including sounds identical to the piano and the organ.

With electricity, instruments could also be used to play for larger crowds. There before, some instruments could only be played for small audiences since their sounds could not carry very far. For example, the guitar has a very low sound and could only be played for small audiences and it was not ideal for performing outdoors. With the modern electric technology, guitars can now be used to play for large crowds using various types of guitar amps.

The slow evolution of music through ancient times and sudden boom in modern times Credit Picture License: Folk Punk is Dead via photopin cc